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Trade Finance

Trade Finance is a means to support international trade by providing fund based Loans either to exporter or importer.

We offer trusted financial solutions both for exporters and importers. Customers can rely upon our Trade Finance department to arrange finance for their trade related requirement.

Buyer’s Credit: We finance imports into India/other countries at very competitive rates against the Letter of Undertaking issued by Importers’ Bank. We provide this facility for exports from most of the countries. However, we would be discretionary and would take a view only after discussing your requirements.

Bill Discounting: We provide facility for discounting/purchase export bills from exporters, which need not be Botswana based. We would be able offer this facility backed by LCs of major Banks. However we would need to set up suitable limits for you before we provide this facility on Non LC basis for which you are welcome to approach our credit team in Botswana.