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SBI Botswana offers online Online Account Application Facility for Opening NRE/NRO Savings Bank Account on our corporate website  https://www.onlinesbi.com/nri

Key features of this facility are as under:-

a)      All the fields in the physical version of NRI Account Opening Form are present in the online version and the applicant will be systematically guided through the form filling process in such a way that none of the mandatory fields can be left blank.

b)      The applicant has to post/courier duly attested account opening form along with attested copies of KYC documents to the respective LCPC and it should reach LCPC in the time period of 45 days from the date of online submission of information, failing which the application will be discarded. The customer will have the option of choosing the branch for opening his / her account and based on this choice he/she will be advised to courier documents to the mapped LCPC. The KYC verification will be done by the LCPC as mentioned in Annexure ‘B’. After due diligence, the LCPC will open the account in CBS and carry out further processing as per extant guidelines.  In case the documents are not in order then the same will be returned to the branch chosen by the NRI for opening of his account and then it will be followed up by the branch for completion of documents.

c)      Ideally the applicant need not visit the branch in India for submission of the application form. However, in case customer visits the branch in India with the printed copy of account opening form and KYC documents  then branch can issue Non Personalised Welcome Kit (NPWK) if customer so desires, subject to documents being in order. The branch would then forward the application to the mapped LCPC for opening of account in CBS and further processing. In case, customer has opted for Non Personalised Welcome Kit (NPWK), then the details of same should be mentioned by the Branch on the application before forwarding it to the LCPC.


Flowchart representation and step by step tabular process of the Online NRE / NRO Savings Bank Account Application is furnished in Annexure – A and Annexure B respectively. For the purpose, we have also prepared standard answers to some probable queries, which might arise from the prospective NRI customers in regard to usage of this facility, as mentioned in Annexure – E.


Annexure A Annexure B Annexure C Annexure D Annexure E
Flowchart representation of the process